Hair Loss FAQ’s

Hair loss/hair thinning can occur due to many different factors.  Some include male or female pattern baldness, autoimmune diseases, stress, hormonal changes, medication side-effects, cancer/chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, and trichotillomania.

There are many different non-surgical solutions to hair thinning and hair loss, and our professional hair replacement specialists will tailor the option that works best for your individual hair loss challenge.  We offer attachments of human hair to give you a natural, youthful looking appearance.

Other solutions include laser therapy, topical hair growth stimulating products such as Minoxidil, and prescriptions such as Propecia.  These treatments are not always effective.  We do not offer these options.

Hair Transplants are the surgical option.

Solutions for hair restoration have improved significantly through the years, resulting in attachments that blend virtually invisibly with the wearer’s scalp, for a natural look. Many solutions are available, enabling your hair replacement specialist to create the best option for your individual hair loss situation.

Many of the options available will enable you to wake up with hair, shower and shampoo as you normally would, and resume all your activities such as swimming, working out, and participating in sports activities.

Yes, it is called Telogen Effluvium, a temporary hair loss caused by emotional or physical stress, usually presenting three to four months after a stress-inciting event.  In rare cases, this condition becomes permanent.  Wigs, top of the head clip-ins, or optional bonding methods will enable you to look and feel yourself during this difficult time.

Absolutely! Many of our clients have different types of alopecia, and we have worked with them to solve their individual hair loss concerns.

Yes, it is 100% human hair.

Products made specifically for hair additions are available, and your hair replacement specialist will give you full instructions.  You will shampoo, condition, and style your hair just as you always have.

Yes, you can use all of the tools you have always used, to achieve the style you desire.

Some insurance policies will cover hair loss due to a health issue.  You will need your Doctor to write a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis”, and you will need to include a Health Insurance Claim Form #1500, and a copy of your paid sales receipt or invoice.  We offer “Guidelines for Filing Insurance” along with your receipt.

Absolutely! If you are proactive and already have your wig, you will be ready for the hair loss that generally occurs within 2 weeks of your first treatment.

YES. Human hair eyebrows are now available, and are a much more natural option than tattooing.  We offer these eyebrows.

Yes, eyelash extensions are an excellent option for natural looking eyelashes. We are a Certified Eyelash Extension Salon.